Market day in San Francisco town is every Sunday from 6-12 Noon. The  locals from different islands of Camotes flocks early to sell their products and buy thier supply for the whole week. In the market, one can buy fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, livestocks, household goods and local handicrafts. The people come to San Francisco in boats , public transportation, or private vehicles.
This is the only day in a week, where we can get a large variety of fresh food and vegetables.

whether bare or equipped with outboard motor,the baroto has come to personify camotes...
The locals commute around the island with the boat

Fishermen parked their boats at the sunday market
The fishermen come with their boats to sell their early catch.

young, vital, and carefree....
young, happy, and carefree ......

let's look for some interesting deals 
typical market day in San Francisco

wheeling and dealing for the best bargain
wheeling and dealing for the best bargains


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