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Bukilat Cave was named after the founder Bukilat. This cave was used as a  shelter from the Japanese during World War II. Camotes Island has 8 natural
 caves.  But this cave is breathtakingly beautiful on a high tide when the water  flows in  as shown in the picture below. The water in the cave flows out to the sea.
Until today, the people are still constantly searching for the lost buried treausures, hidden during the second world war. It has been rumored to be hidden in this area.

Welcome to Bukilat Cavern

stick to me, and i'll show you places
one can see Baybay ,
Leyte from this spot

it sure looks spooky in there
entrance to the cave

very mysterious...

breathtakingly beautiful, isn't it?
masses or church services
were held here during the pre-war period.
I could wish for no better place to pray.

what's a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this?
an enchantress?!?

hey, somebody just stole my clothes.....
no, it's the cave fairy!!

i never promised you a rosy garden, how about some sharp edges?
 feel as if am enveloped
in my mother's womb

Hey, do you want to go treasure hunting with me???




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