the liveliest place in TOWN !

picturesque, and
and fully loaded with the island's local color!


Carbon Market is a shopper's
paradise for the poor as well
as the wealthy.

BIRDS for sale

Native chickens for pets
or roasted dinner...your choice!

one can buy very inexpensive,
beautiful handicrafts made from local materials
at cheaper than wholesale prices
Carbon Market got it's name
in the last 18th century
during the time when people
used steam to generate
electricity. They used this area to dump
heaps of carbon waste.
So the whole area turned out to be a mountain of
Carbon.Thus, it derived
it' s name, Carbon market.

they have a wide variety of products, like "kalamansi", a miniature lime, fruits, salt, and local newspapers and magazines.

If you come here shopping, don't forget to buy dried fish for your Filipino friends and relatives abroad. This is one "pasalubong" they will surely appreciate. If you are lucky enough to get through customs. It has a horrible smell, but they'll surely love you for this present.

Nowadays, they dont have
piles of Carbon anymore.
Instead, it is occupied by merchants from different parts of the islands, selling everything from A-Z.
But it's character has not diminished through the years. It still lives up to it's
name - a dark, dinghy, and "dirty"
like Carbon.

the vendors eat their
lunch,while my friend Adele
goes shopping for gifts.

Is your mouth watering yet????
Various fruits from the countryside are sold here.
Do you want your green mangos with salt or "bago-ong"???

In the Philippines, we have a large assortment of rice: brown, red, yellow, white, etc..we eat rice three meals a day, including sweet rice cakes for snacks and dessert.


Here you can buy lots of very inexpensive,
imported used clothing. Even designer clothes,
and winter wears.
Is this a safe area?
Basically it is a safe place,
however I would advise
anyone not to carry their
valuables in this area. Please leave your documents and jewelries in the care, or preferably at home..

People from the neighboring islands, and Cebu's locals from the countryside buy their products here.The products normally costs double or triple at retail stores.

"SUKA" a coconut vinegar, cooking oil, garlic, and other spices.

NO.....she is not for sale !!!!

This picture containes a thousand words and evokes a thousand mixed emotions.
This area is worth checking
out, if you are really curious the
city's true local color.
Hundreds of people come here everyday from all
walks of life. Huge hotels, and popular chains of restaurants, as well as well-known establishments buy here too, as it is indeed, the cheapest place in town!

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