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August 30, 2006

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Camotes Island | Cebu | Bohol
Lake Sebu | Davao

Discover Camotes Islands

Enjoy romantic sunsets in Camotes,
camotes sunset
Leave all your troubles behind.

Discover Camotes Island with a Cessna-172.
Package tour for an island hopping in Camotes Island for 3 passengers. US$ 299 dollars.

  • Includes free lunch at Magodlong Rock Resort (seafood buffet)
  • Visit Blue & Green Lake - a 700 hectare of fresh water, it is the biggest and the only natural lake in Cebu.
  • Souvenir items
  • Tour ends approximately 3 hrs after take-off from Mactan Cebu International Airport.
  • Departure Time 10:30 AM

Air Charter: Drop off/Pick-up

Aircraft Rate for 3 passengers:
Camotes Island US$220




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