Bora Bora Sunset
Bora Bora Sunset

1.What is the weather like there most of the year?
The weather for most part of the year is generally pleasant. We have only 2 seasons in the country. The dry and the wet season. It rains everyday from the month of june,july, august, til mid-september. It gets really hot during april, that is 40-45 C. And relatively cool ca. 15 C from December, January, and February, when the ice starts to melt from china and japan, it brings a cool refreshing breeze.

2. When is the best time to visit?
Many tourists and Balik-bayan (returning residents) prefer to come and visit during the months of December, January, and February. It is not so hot compared to the other months of the year.

Is there a danger to me living there being an American and being close to Mindanao?
Not really, you are pretty much safe as an american or caucasian in the northern and central philippines. The problem zone or let's say, danger zone is down south in mindanao. Cebu is a safe and peaceful harbor esp. where foreigners are concerned.

3. Can I live comfortable enough on 1000 dollars a month there?
It really depends on what standard of living you want to maintain. But a thousand dollars a month is more than sufficient to have a comfortable lifestyle. Many filipino families thrive even on 500 dollars a month or less. It really depends on the individual and the type of lifestyle he/she wants to lead.

4. Are foreigners allowed to buy properties in the Philippines?
Foreigners are allowed to buy properties in the Philippines ,
 for non-commercial purposes , provided, they are married to
 a native of the country. However, there are other alternatives of owning land in the country such as a forming a local Corporation, or a 99 Year Lease.
Please e-mail me, for further details.

We also have a special retirement program for foreigners,
wherein it is possible for foreigners to acquire land
and a permanent visa in the Philippines  for a certain amount
of fee. Please "click" below for details:


Please check your local Philippine embassy in your own corresponding country for updates of this program.

Foreigners are allowed to own Condominiums.

About Camotes Island:
1.Is there electricity in camotes Island?

a. Is there water?

Yes, there is water. Sources of water is a generator,
 as well as deep spring wells  and electric pump
Also the locals collect rain-water with big barrels attached to their houses.

b. Is bottled water available?
Yes, bottled water is available.

3. Is there Telephone available in Camotes Island?
Not all over the island. There are public calling centers in most major towns. Cellulars pick up reception but not in all parts of the island.

4. Is there an internet cafe in this island?
No, there is no internet cafe in the island. The only way to hook up on the internet is through a cellular or a local phone. The dial-up connection would most likely come from cebu, which is charged as long distance. This would be a very costly connection.

5. How about cable TV?
There are no cable TV's in the island nor satellite. If you are lucky, your TV can pick up 2 or 3 local channels from the neighboring islands. Popular recreations are private videos or karaoke bars. people from the island love to sing, dance, and play the guitar.

6. Is there a night life,  or bars?
Not in this island, there are so-called local village dances called "baile"
wherein the locals party outdoors and dance till the wee hours of the morning.
The whole village and visitors are all welcome..

7.Are there roads in this island, and what are the conditions of the road?
Yes, there are roads in this island.
The roads in town are in a good condition. But as you head towards the countryside or sea, the roads are unfortunately in such a sorry state that my father, who grew up in this island, claims that the roads were in a better condition in his youth. I jokingly called them, "mooncraters".

8. Are they building cottages for rent?
There are simple cottages for rent with very basic comforts. We do not have the chain of hotels and restaurants in the island similar to Cebu. There are no hotels in the island except for some simple lodges with a few clean rooms. the town also offer a tourist program called the Homestay, wherein the locals offer a clean room. Naturally, this is the best way of interacting with the people, and having a glimpse of their daily lives.

Please visit Conni Island's Paradise.

9.What about school system , is there any classes where they teaching in English, or is it all in tagalog or local Cebuano???
The students start with local Cebuano, as they grow older English and our national Language, Tagalog is integrated.

10. a)Am searching for detailed map of San Francisco island especially the Esperanza area. Maybe you can advise me where to find it.

b) Can you tell me if there is a website that would tell me the distance
between Cebu international airport and other places within Cebu.As I am
planning on traveling there in April 2003 specifically to Talisay city. Any
help would be appreciated.

you could try the NAMRIA web site, It is

11. Do they have banks in the island?
They have only one bank in the island, and it is situated in Poro. No, they do not have ATM machines.

conni enjoying her private beach in esperanza,camotes

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